Méga « sinkhole » à Whidbey Island, et Perturbations Géologiques (27 Juillet 2012)

Washington méga sinkhole dans leur cour, à coté maison 1

Les médias veulent nous faire croire à un bris d’aqueduc…….est-ce la vraie explication, à vous d’en juger.

Dans l’avant dernière semaine de juillet 2012, un couple de Whidbey Island dans l’état de Washington (prés de Seattle) ont vu leur cour arrière s’effondrer de 200 pieds!  Les autorités croient que ce trou pourrait avoir été causé par l’érosion du sol, mais les explications ne sont pas convaincantes.

Article Original sur DailyMail.

Repris par Conscience du Peuple.

Traduction de grosso modo de l’article en Français: ICI

Couple watch as their home falls piece-by-piece down a widening 200ft

cliff with no signs of slowing

By Nina Golgowski

PUBLISHED: 21:33 GMT, 27 July 2012 | UPDATED: 22:44 GMT, 27 July 2012

A Washington state couple are hoping for a miracle after spending the last week watching their yard fall piece-by-piece down a 200-foot cliff, that’s growing.

With heavy hearts Roy and Rosalee Ballinger stand by what’s left of their property in Whidbey Island, about 30 miles north of Seattle, as it quickly crumbles away without anything able to be done.

‘We planted all those,’ Mrs Ballinger told KOMO while fighting audible tears in her voice and watching her plants tumble away.

Heart ache: While restraining tears Mrs Ballinger watches her plants and possibly soon home tumble over the ledge that began after a mysterious geyser shot up from their property

One of the first to go they said was their yard’s 500-year-old yew tree.

‘We cry and we laugh,’ Mrs Ballinger pauses for a moment with a shake of her head before whispering, ‘it’s all we can do. It’s devastating. Absolutely devastating.’

‘I don’t know of any way to stop it,’ her husband Roy told the station. ‘It’s God that started it and it’s God who will have to stop it.’

What started last week as a mysterious 25-30ft geyser in their yard within days led to a 50ft wide hole.

Tearing away: Torn blankets of grass are seen dangling over the edge near the couple's red work shop before tearing away with more land

Peeling away: Sheets of the yard just peel away as the land crumbles possibly due to recent years' heavy rain or a natural spring changing route

Outlook: While evacuating their workshop of belongings the couple are waiting to see when the hole will stop and if their property will be found condemned

It’s believed by authorities to be the result of a natural spring that changed course or from erosion after the recent years’ heavy rain.

Regardless of the cause, having lived in their house for the last 15 years and Mr Ballinger’s wood-working shop, where he makes his living, resting just feet from the edge by Thursday afternoon, they’re scared.

‘I don’t think it’s going to get to the house, but it sure as hell is going to take out my shop, and that’s my pride and joy,’ Mr Ballinger said.

No mercy: Given just mere hours the hole has shown capable of dramatically spreading and taking with it a former 500-year-old yew tree

With Mr Ballinger’s eye on his shop, the fire department’s is on an underground propane tank resting just inches from the hole’s edge on Wednesday.

‘It could explode a valve, could bust off or the tank slides down the hillside innocently. Don’t know,’ assistant fire chief Mike Cotton told KOMO.

The tank has since been shut off and much of the propane pumped out.

Being water front property, while highly elevated, the hole’s destruction has not affected surrounding homes.

On Thursday afternoon friends and family aided Mr Ballinger in evacuating his workshop.

Gradual decline: The Ballinger's home is pictured before the widening hole that is gradually dumping into their property's waterfront view
Troubles: Mr Ballinger said that he and his wife recently discussed selling the property and moving closer to Seattle for their health but now sees the land as being far harder to sell

Struggling: With tears in her eyes Mrs Ballinger says the hardest part is evacuating her husband's work shop seen on Thursday afternoon dangling just feet off the edge

‘The hardest part was seeing people taking the shop apart because I know how he felt,’ Mrs Ballinger told ABC.

The couple had recently discussed selling the home and moving closer to Seattle for better health care, but see now that selling their property won’t be as easy as they had expected.

Now waiting to hear if their property will be condemned, a family member told ABC that all their buildings are insured.

‘We’ll just relax for a while and hope God is kinder to us,’ Mr Ballinger said.



-SINKHOLE Whidbey Island North of Seattle


Informations Complémentaires:

ABC News


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