Sinkholes à Harrisburg en Pennsylvanie (11 Janvier 2013)

A second sinkhole opened in a Harrisburg street late Monday night.

A second sinkhole opened in a Harrisburg street late Monday night.

-Le Département de Protection Environnementale de Pennsylvanie a confirmé que presque 2500Gallons (environ 10.000 Litres) d’eaux usées non-traitées se sont déversés dans la rivière Susquehanna, après que des grands Dolines se soient formés. (Source)

-Un deuxième Sinkhole s’est crée le long de la North 4th Street à Harrisburg en Pennsylvanie, conduisant l’évacuation de certains habitants. (Source)

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Raw sewage leaked into Susquehanna after Harrisburg sinkholes formed:

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection confirmed Friday nearly 2,500 gallons of raw sewage leaked into the Susquehanna River last week after large sinkholes formed on North 4th Street.

DEP spokeswoman Amanda Witman said the agency did not directly attribute the spill to the sinkhole issue. However, city spokesman Bob Philbin said in an email, “This was a minor event resulting from the 4th Street incident and was addressed quickly and reported to DEP.”

Witman confirmed the city contacted DEP within the required time.

She said 1,913 gallons of raw sewage leaked into the river January 1. Another 574 gallons spilled into the river January 3, she said.

“That only contributes .0001 percent of the total effluent going into the river, so it’s a very, very small amount that we’re talking (about),” Witman said.

Witman said mud and silt caused a “dry weather overflow” after building up at a sewage overflow chamber underground near the intersection of Woodbine and Green streets, a few blocks from the sinkholes.

Witman said her agency is having ongoing talks with the city with regards to infrastructure improvements to prevent spills. She said residents in the area shouldn’t be concerned about health impacts.

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Crews continue to repair Harrisburg sinkholes

Second sinkhole causes problems along 4th Street

City officials said a second hole opened about 11 p.m. Monday, resulting in the loss of water, gas and sewer service to the neighborhood.

« Due to the prolonged loss of these utilities, the city’s Department of Public Works is recommending the immediate evacuation of affected residents at addresses 2102 to 2163 N.4th Street, » a city news release states.

Twenty-nine homes are affected. The evacuation is not an order, just a recommendation by the city.

For anyone who chooses to evacuate, a temporary emergency shelter has been set up by the Red Cross at Pine Street Presbyterian Church at 234 South St.

The first sinkhole along Fourth Street opened Monday morning when a 6-ton city garbage truck fell partially into it. City officials said the hole was caused by soil erosion beneath the street due to a damaged water pipe connection.

The truck was removed Monday afternoon.

The street will not be repaired quickly. A new water main and gas line must be installed, the soil must be stabilized, and a new road will be built. Repairs could take at least a week.

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